terça-feira, 29 de março de 2011

Bleeding Truth

In blood like ink I write, what’s upon my soul
I bleed upon paper, what’s deep in my mind
Cutting myself in knife like tears
For start I have to cross, to win over myself
Break my own fears
They imprison my will, upon what that will bring
About what tune chance to me will sing
Round and round, circling my mind
Slowing my action, upon a cause effect
So my egger mind with emotional pain writes
Upon my life, feel, and do all I select
Like blood, what I write
Post upon the paper, what I dare not to talk
Upon what I did, went and walk
Blushed in shame as another word I write
Rushed in blame, from the memories strike
I post another word, emptying inside
As I face with what I do, I bleed out my pride
I die in pain, as my heart I take
From my spiritual chest, and in paper make
I chook in air, nervously waiting, o ever read it cast me the first stone
In my red blood
Blood as truth
Blood as difficult it his, to face the true
And it’s more easy, to let lie glue
But there is a moment, somewhere in time
That you cannot hide your crime
All your did and mischief
A place within your brain, from where you can deny
It stalks you in your dreams
The shadow that it awakes in your imagination
It’s the substance that brings the nightmares
It’s the melody of you invisible scream
When to look in the light, nobody dares
It torments you till you gain
Courage within your brain
And you take it, from you
Yet in my inner battle, that bleeds my emotions inside
Eagerly slowly I peace, I start to find
Like I was realize of a mountain like weight, that crushed my soul
Grey and disgustful, tasting like cool
And as I write, no more pain in me
I’m free cause the truth I spoken

Edgar Teles 01 – 02 – 2011

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