quarta-feira, 25 de maio de 2011

Message to myself

People to me, an emotional wall
Their ears outcasts, when I call
Like a ship, on the long lost night send signals
That no one never answers
My cellular a rainbow of undailed numbers
Energy, space in time, for touch it hungers
Like an Island can’t speak to no one
In the endless void, feelings gone astray
So I’ll sent a message to myself
For no to feel so blue
My silent cry for help, that no one will ever hear
My electronic message bottle, in an ocean of distant people
Like waves they wave upon a social shore
Cast way because I don’t speak their social language
Footballs, like to watch not to talk
Soap operas, not my televise walk
Are there for a while, when they don’t need you they show you the door
I send a text to myself, to keep the last grains of sanity
For not be swept way be a tornado of solitude
Don’t turn around and, realize that nothings present
In flesh, emotion, and warm, nothings absent
If not the echo of my voice
The demise of my choice
I sent a message for myself, my electronic tear
Gives me the warm, that someone’s near
People like islands, close yet far
They raise a collar reef, when I walk
Collar reef, grey, pale like indifference
They wind mistrust, when I talk
Mistrust upon void, disrupting the sense of my spoken
Upon senseless mockery that reduces them, to near shadows
In silence, my answer
They’re words, breather watch a star
Lighted and eternal, clear and pure
Of humans thought’s pollution
So I send a message to myself, cause in me I always be
Others, like waves may come and go, carried be an interest’s sea
But only ho’s heart warm, like the sun will return
Be I on earth, or in Saturn
So I send a message to myself, my symbolic protest
In this nail path road, where it’s my test
For a place in a world to find, everyday quest
My symbolic protest, against these world narrow notions
That fleshed the eyes, in the target of search
Upon luxury, their hearts church
Beauty vanishes, upon the cruel webs of time
Web that traps and slowly decays, upon life crime
So I send a message to myself, a proof of my insane sanity
That bead me away, of the convenience theater, that mankind performs
In a stage that its reality, upon cynicism acts
That cracked faked smiles, stabbing people with a tongue like knife
So I message myself, upon whatever it means
In the social games
So I Message myself, away from hypocrisy

28 – 04 – 2011

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