sábado, 27 de novembro de 2010

Beneath The Ocean

Beneath the ocean, there she lies
Upon the kingdom of the barracuda’s, where whales cries
Beneath the blue eternal blank
It is the mythical land that sank
There she whispers, upon the mind
Upon the spirits ear
Philosophers, mitigraphoers, and in the imagination of mankind
In a mermaid voice she whispers, in soft breeze sweet tune, with no fear
Find me, dig me! Upon the surfulus information, upon words and myth
Find me, dig me ! upon the blue liquid puzzle
Save my form my mystical grief
Of being here, and not to be found
Upon imagination, for ten thousand years bound
Release me, now the secrets of the universe long forgotten
The mystery that can release mankind of the earthly chains
And in space arrive to new gains
Her voice so it echoes trough eternity
In hope that someone one day will find here
In driftnet opinions we search, from thera to azores
Where they sailors, did they read for the stars?!!
The question mark, between historians, and science fiction
Did they had theater, did they had many wars
This puzzle to imagination one addiction
In her quest many perish, many fall
Upon the realms of insane to never again ear here her call
Fortunes sunken, in a economical river
Never to, the surface bring her
Is it the voice real ?!
Does she brings me something to feel
She’s alone, and for now will be
Until we unravel the quest if she his
Or if even she ever was
One day by someone beneath the blue
Maybe again, under her Egyptian pyramids
And neolitical temples
And her hellenistical samples
Will see again Atlantis

Edgar Teles 13 de Outubro

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