sexta-feira, 26 de novembro de 2010

Time Chasing Time

The past and present in a merry-go-round
Always close, never touching the ground
One tries to grab the other
Scratch the shoulder, in a Hypothetical Dream
In a hand, without knowing what it means
Time catching time, in a never ending race
The future the black point, always to place
Twisted turn, always near
But never to catch
One, the other never to scratch
The voice of one other, never to ear
Time chasing time, a race without end
A vicious circle, over space, time and land
Time riding time, reaching where other’s been
The weel keeps turning
As the light keeps burning
Riding at her speed
Fuelling the wheel, life’s seed
In this voyage, never to end
The voyage turns to the land
One voyage stop
But fuelled by light, makes it’s start
Reengaging again
That it’s time chasing time
A voyage never reaching the end
Like the circle of the merry – go – round
Edgar Teles
17 – 06 – 2010

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