sexta-feira, 26 de novembro de 2010

Deep Prayer

Deep the night, warm our heart
In the ice of winter, our homes depart
From nowhere and everywhere, his word to hear
It came the wind, it fall the rain, but yet we don’t fear
In the spiritual fog, there it stands
The room of God, where he hears and understands
Like a shining star, in the deep woods
The room was white, from heaven light
His call ethereal, heaven like, nutrition in spiritual goods
White, black, Indian all came in the night
Though was cold, the singing warm us
As the word preached, our soul warn us
The mood was grey, yet we came
Some in quest of forgiveness, be free from blame
Rainbow our humor, upon spiritual communion
Us and him, eternal union
Others to keep, forever away, the dark their aim
Others went praying devoutly
Upon chants and words only heaven knows, praying out loudly
Others came to see, and he they meet
Others sang a Hymn
Cause By Him they where free from sin
We all stand, hand in hand
Our hearts together, beat as one
And its brotherly melody a song was
Composed of love, devotion build, in heaven land
And has we pray daylight came in dark
Lightning and thunder, and stars in that cloud
In authority came, our victory hallowed
Has God was there, and our soul I freed
Some hear the word, others had futhilled their need
We all had, the taste of miracle
All we found safety upon his, spiritual arc
And we went dark the night, light in our eyes
The sun shines upon our laugh, no more cries
And as we walked, the stars paved our way
The moon, our candle light
Reward of the ones o pray
For us in the dark of sky, never night
Cause the light it’s ever with us
The son’s of the blessing, in the deep prayer
Edgar Teles 21 – 11 – 2010 23:58

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