sexta-feira, 26 de novembro de 2010


I’m the whisper that torments you
That bumble sting, that echo’s in your mind
Bum, bum, bum, bum, what is it ?!!!
As I sting you with that thought’s that you never show
Your heart beats of fear
Oh, so pity my dear!
You try to blanket it me with a blank of conformity
Try to dress, as a good boy set bubu set, with what they say it’s dignity
What’s the invisible mumbling a word, a whisper no it’s me poisinig your mind
Tearing your sanity inside
Sawling here Muahhh ah ah as worthless drink
Oohhhhhhh what’s that, the vacuum of the thought’s e seed you in?
I was the pen of JulIo Verne, I
 was the Idea of Leonardo da Vinci
I was the wheel of Portuguese expansion
I’m the sparkle that brings development
So o are you to point me the finger
In my pen in blood like ink I writte, the future to be
In you I see the fire of the ones o condemned, oh  holly wise men
Wised by their binding ignorance, that cotes them in stinking boiled knows
Inquisidors Scholars o by eing books and traditions, never saw tomorrow
Letting nations burn in a water acid lake of tasy sorrow
Ohhhhhh so cute, you didn’t get what I was saying?!!
You where praying ?!!
No,! You should
I don’t have to… wait a minute I have
Write you a paiting, maybe then you will understand
No, no you scream, in your awaked nightmare
Return to the standart golden sand
Wake up, I’m your refracted image, your other selfe that lives in you
That one that never let’s you forget about ho you are
That phantasmagoric voice that hounds and howls
Has as spiders the thought crawls
You wish to remain static as rock
Wait a minute, didn’t the dinosaurs did that
Always with the same unmobliizing chat
What happened to them?!! Oh yes their extinct
Cause to jump from themselfes they didn’t had instinct  
So As you As I will be dancing on your grave
Awaking somebody else mind
So has you chained in your life
Outrageus you shout, blanked by the blindfold
Dark, Pale, and cold
Adlist I’m no a prisioner in chains
Chackled upon your political right
That takes your will to fight
Limitating the vision, sleepering your brain
Babadu dahhhhhhOh yes I am the dream, that always show
I’m the sparkle that ignites, men of his narrow life
Cut within, and bleed him a ideias knife
Ignating out of his shell
In a rodwaid hell
That will fly you to infinity
I’m the madness, I’m in you
I’m that side of you never care
That makes jump beyond yourselfe
Edgar Teles 22 – 07 – 2010

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